How Do You Deploy Spring Framework in RHEL?

Problem scenario
You want to use the MVC model without Microsoft technologies. You want to try out the Spring framework to leverage its inverse-of-control. How do you quickly deploy the Spring framework?

i. This assumes that you have installed Git. If you need to install it, try this command:
sudo yum -y install git

ii. This assumes that you have installed Maven. If you need assistance, see this posting.

(The below was adapted from this external website.)

1. Run these commands:

git clone
cd gs-spring-boot-docker/complete
mvn package && java -jar target/gs-spring-boot-docker-0.1.0.jar

2. From a web browser, go to the server's IP address over port 8080. That is compose a URL like this where x.x.x.x is the external IP address of the server: http://x.x.x.x:8080

Place that URL that you just created in a web browser. You should see displaying "Hello Docker World".

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