How Do You Eliminate Unintended Indentation in Code?

Problem scenario
You are using WordPress for you website. You have code that has an indentation of one to three spaces that you do not want. You did not intend for this indentation. It is usually just one line -- the top line.

Here is an example:

How can you eliminate this indentation of your code?

Root cause
If you have a new line in the paragraph, there can be unintended indentation even if there are no leading spaces; it seems like a bug that has gone on for years.

Procedures (or workaround)
Create a new block. If you highlight some text in a Paragraph block, and then go to "<> Inline code", this can cause unintentional indentation.

If you create a new block, then click the plus sign icon, you can go to "<> Code". Then put the code there.

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