How Do You Escape from a High Rise when the Fire Department Cannot Rescue You?

Problem scenario
You want to prepare for the potential situation where you need to escape from a skyscraper. You do not want to depend on the stairs or elevator being accessible. You do not think that going to the roof for a helicopter landing would help you. What should you do if you live above the 7th or 10th floor and the firefighters cannot get a ladder to your apartment?

If there is a fire and someone is living above where firefighters can rescue someone, there could be a problem. People like to live on a high floor because of health reasons.

…residents living on lower floors are frequently exposed to high levels of exhaust from parking garages and street-level traffic. In contrast, residents on higher-level floors typically enjoy cleaner air.

The solution (to being a health-conscious prepper in a skyscraper in a big city) is to buy this backpack device (with a cable) and set it up well in advance; you may need to ask the landlord for permission.

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