How Do You Find out What CNI Plugin Has Been Installed in Your Kubernetes Cluster?

Problem scenario
You want to know what CNI plugin your Kubernetes cluster is using (e.g., Flannel, Calico, Weave Net, Romana or another one). What do you do?

Possible solution
"You can install only one Pod network per cluster." taken from

Go to a worker node and run these commands and look at the output:

ls -lh /etc/cni/net.d

ls -lh /opt/cni/bin | grep -i flannel

ls -lh /opt/cni/bin | grep -i calico

Use the sudo find / -name command to search for Romana or Weavenet vestiges.

Try running this command:

kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system
#The results may indicate Flannel, Calico, Romana or Weavenet

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