How Do You Find the Details of Permissions/Privileges of a User in GitHub Enterprise?

Problem scenario
You are using GitHub Enterprise. You want to see the details of a user's permissions (e.g., when it was created or before someone modified the user's ability to control repos). What do you do?


  1. Go to the Audit Log in the web UI. (To learn more about this, see this external site.)
  2. Search for the user by the username. In the results, find the oldest ones. Then find the "…" symbol near the bottom of the result that is from a day you want to examine. This "…" symbol will allow you to see many details.
  3. To see commits to individual repos, the above steps will not help you. To see who has committed to individual repos, you need to go to the main web UI for the repository, and then go to Insights. Then go to "Contributors".

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