How Do You Find the Different Logging Levels of the /var/log/syslog?

Problem scenario
You have heard about different operating system events being classified in different levels.  Lesser events can be captured with logging is verbose.  Major events can render a system useless.  You know system logging is normally done in a file called /var/log/syslog.  How do you find out which levels there are from most significant to least significant?

Use this command: man syslog

Search for the word "level" by typing this: /level <press enter>

Below is what we found from the man page for syslog on a Linux server (except the #* comment):

       LOG_EMERG      system is unusable

       LOG_ALERT      action must be taken immediately

       LOG_CRIT       critical conditions

       LOG_ERR        error conditions

       LOG_WARNING    warning conditions

       LOG_NOTICE     normal, but significant, condition

       LOG_INFO       informational message

       LOG_DEBUG      debug-level message

#*  Professionals remember the order of significance with the mnemonic "do I notice when evenings come around early?"  If you can remember what happens after the summer solstice, you can remember the levels of significance of the descriptive Linux logging designations.

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