How Do You Find the Requests, Limits, and Replicas of Pods Deployed from Helm Charts?

Problem scenario
You do not have the YAML (.yml or .yaml) files for your Helm deployments.

How do you find the pod manifests for the yaml files when you do not have access to the Helm repos?

Run this:

helm ls -a -A

The output will show a "Name" on the left most column and a namespace in an inner column. (To learn more about these command see and

Next, run commands like this (but replace "foobar" with the name of the release/deployment you want to view the YAML for and replace "coolnamespace" with a namespace found in the above command):

helm get manifest foobar -n coolnamespace

(For more information, see these links: or

Another command that may help is this (but replace "foobar" with the name of the release or deployment you want to view the YAML for):

helm list foobar --output yaml

(It was adapted from this posting.)

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