How Do You Fix a Drain Pop Up Stopper That Will Not Go Up and Down or Move Vertically Like It Should?

Problem scenario
Your drain stopper in your bathroom sink has broken. You can no longer place a plastic/chrome pop-up stopper to be connected to a rod inches into the drain. The metal or plastic protrusion rod is no longer visible in the drain. It broke off and fell into the drain pipe (e.g., the P-Trap). How do you fix this problem with replacing the fewest amount of tools and parts?

Buy a ball rod assembly that has different size balls. This is a ball-and-socket mechanism. You won't need other wing nuts or pipes. You just need a drain ball rod assembly. You can buy one here: DANCO (88532) Universal Pop-Up Drain Ball Rod Assembly

To learn more about how to replace it and other parts of a pop-up drain in a bathroom sink, see this video.

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