How Do You Fix a White/Blank Web Page?

Problem scenario
You have a white screen in the web browser. Why is the website just white when using HTML?

Possible Solution #1
Are the font and background color the same? If the font is set to be white, that may be the problem. HTML has hexadecimal codes for the font and background color; you can view them here:

Possible Solution #2
Is there a misspelling in the URL and the ultimate web page? You may want to check the .html file's name on the back-end.

Possible Solution #3
Has the content been accidentally commented out? Is there a formatting issue or syntax problem with the HTML file itself?

Possible Solution #4
If you are using PHP, see this posting: How Do You Fix a PHP Web Page when the Page Is Completely Blank?

Possible Solution #5
Scroll down to the very bottom. The page may be very long and have content at the bottom.

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