How Do You Fix Apache Kafka when It Hangs?

Problem scenario
You try to start the Apache Kafka service. You get this:

[2021-07-25 12:15:36,687] INFO [Group Metadata Manager on Broker 1]: Finished loading offsets from [__consumer_offsets,24] in 123456789 milliseconds.

GroupMetadataManager…Finished loading offsets and group metadata from __consumer_offsets…seconds spent in the scheduler. (

It just hangs and will not progress. What do you do?

Whenever a command hangs that is supposed to start a service, there could be one, ignorable errors. The problem could be obviated by a service that runs the command in the background. How did you start the Kafka service? Did you use the flag "-daemon"?

Try this: -daemon /root/kafka/config/

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