How Do You Fix “Scanning Plug and Play compliant hardware” Message That Does Not Go Away?

Problem scenario
Flash drives and USB ports are not working properly in Windows.  You are not able to use a variety of working USB sticks.  These flash drives have files that you need.  When you go to Device Manager and right click "Universal Serial Bus controllers" or other sub-devices, you see this error "Scanning Plug and Play compliant hardware."  It never goes away.  The Device Manager window becomes stuck.

How do you get your USB devices to work properly?

1.  Physically remove USB devices from your computer.
2.  In Windows, go to Device Manager and expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
3.  For each device you see under "Universal Serial Bus controllers," right click each one and go to "Uninstall."  After they have all been uninstalled there will be no "Universal Serial Bus controllers" option in Device Manager.  This is what you want.  
4.  Reboot your computer.  You are done.

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