How Do You Floss without Hurting Your Fingers?

Problem scenario
You want to floss, but it can hurt your fingers. You do not want to strangle or cut off the blood circulation to your fingers. What should you do to floss without pain?

Possible Solution #1
Floss your teeth the way dental hygienists floss patients' teeth. Use latex or vinyl gloves. (To help with overall visibility as even skin-tight gloves may take up some space, you may want to buy a small magnifying mirror to use while flossing. High-end ones have lights to help illuminate inside your mouth. There are useful affordable ones with a suction cup to place on your bathroom mirror.)

Possible Solution #2
Some people think that the type of floss can make a difference. One source says that stretchy floss can mitigate the problems with your fingers. If you are using a cheap floss, you may want to try something more expensive.

Possible Solution #3
You may want to learn about the technique. Other sources address the strangling aspects of cutting off circulation to your fingers with dental floss. Here are some links:

Possible Solution #4 (a workaround or an adjunct activity, an enhancement/augmenter)
Buy a water flosser. Irrigation is not a substitute for flossing, but if you temporarily cannot floss normally with your fingers/hands, a WaterPik may help. It can also help when you can floss as normal; you may see debris/food particles after each use.

(Disclaimer: This is not medical or dental advice. These are brainstorming ideas. Consult with a doctor or dentist before modifying your personal routine.)

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