How Do You Get a Bluetooth Speaker to Work with Your Windows Laptop?

Problem scenario
You turn on your laptop and Bluetooth wireless speaker. Your external speaker is not working. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Is the Bluetooth device on?

Possible Solution #2
Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Manage audio devices. Do you see a device that could be the wireless one? Click on it and view the properties.

Possible Solution #3
In the right hand corner, right click on the Bluetooth icon and go to "Show Bluetooth Devices". Go to the Audio section. Find the one you want and click "Connect".

Possible Solution #4
Does another device (such as a cell phone) also use the speaker? Can you turn that other device off.

Possible Solution #5
See this posting: How Do You Troubleshoot Computer Speakers Not Working with Your Windows 10 Computer?

Possible Solution #6
As a last resort (if you have a physical hardware problem) you may want to buy new speakers; you can do so here. You can buy a new laptop here.

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