How Do You Get a Docker Container to Run That Was Made for Graylog?

Problem scenario
You are trying to follow the directions for installing Graylog from Docker hub.  You run these commands:

docker pull graylog2/server

docker run --name contint-mongo -d mongo:2

docker run --name contint-elasticsearch -d elasticsearch:2 elasticsearch"graylog"

docker run --link contint-mongo:mongo --link contint-elasticsearch:elasticsearch -p 9000:9000 -e GRAYLOG_WEB_ENDPOINT_URI="" -d graylog2/server

The first two containers (for MongoDB and ElasticSearch) work and run.  The third for Graylog will not start.  It says it has "Exited 1 second ago."  You cannot get it to start.  Port 9000 is not blocked.  

How do you get a Docker container with Graylog to run?  There are no error messages that you see.

Stop the Docker containers running MongoDB and ElasticSearch.  Start the Docker containers running MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Graylog.

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