How Do You Get a Head Set (Or Pair of Ear Buds) to Work with Your Windows Machine?

Problem scenario
You insert 3.5 mm jack for your headphones (audio cable) that is known good into your laptop.  You cannot hear sound out of it.  You go to different parts of the Control Panel, but you cannot see evidence that your Windows computer (laptop or desktop) sees the device.  How do you get your headphones to work?

Root cause
Some I.T. policies disable the 3.5 mm audio jack on the Windows computers.  Sometimes the 3.5 mm jack is defective or loses its connectivity to the motherboard.

Possible Solution #1
Use the docking station.    If you have a docking station with an audio outlet (3.5 mm) use that.  

Possible Solution #2
Use a headset with a USB connector or a USB adapter to 3.5 mm convertor.  This may not be disabled.

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