How Do You Get a Lost Clothes Item in a GE Washer?

Problem scenario
You have a stackable GE washer. The cylindrical basin of the washing machine allows for clothes items to disappear into the cubic chasis/frame of the washing machine. You are missing a washcloth, a sock or a glove. (You may or may not have seen it fall over the cylindrical tub basin into the square body of the washer when taking out the clean clothes. Sometimes an item just spins into the crevice between the agitator basin and the external body of the washer.) You want to get this small clothes item from your washing machine. How do you do this?

Prerequisite: You will need a flat head screw driver. A butter knife may work however.

Open the front side by sticking a flat head screwdriver into the small, inconspicuous depression area under the top portion of the washer. Push it in 1.5 to 2 inches. You should be able to find a groove and the top (of the front metal side of the washing machine) will start to open outwardly closer to you while the bottom of the front metal side will stay in its place. You do this one-side at a time. One person can do it. Try to not scratch the paint.

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