How Do You Get an Android App to Have a Shortcut on the Main Part of the Home Screen?

Problem scenario
Androids have home screens (which are the equivalent of a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop). How do you get an application to be easily accessed from the home screen (rather than needing to search for it and drill down each time)?


  1. Find a square category of apps (e.g., for Google or Microsoft) on your home screen. (It is in the purple rectangle in the screenshot below.) Click on it.

2. There should be a plus sign "+" near the top. Click on it.
3. You should now be able to see all the applications installed on your phone in alphabetical order. Scroll the the app you want and click on it so there is a check mark near it. Click "Done".
4. Now touch the application shortcut, hold it, and drag it to the top of the home screen. It should now stay here.

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