How Do You Get Hotel Refrigerators to Not Freeze Your Food?

Problem scenario
You go to hotels with mini-refrigerators. What appears to be a small fridge is actually a freezer from a pragmatic perspective. Your food (e.g., apples or fruit) get destroyed when they are frozen. You want a fridge, but everything seems to freeze your food. What should you do?

Turn the temperature down. If you open the fridge and do not see a thermostat, temperature gauge changing device, close the fridge. Look on top of the fridge on its exterior near the back of the fridge. If the fridge is recessed inside a cabinet, you may need to pull the fridge out. On Tatung fridges (e.g., TR-4RD), the temperature setting device is on the top in the very back of the fridge. Here is an example:

The arrow should point to 1.8 to possibly 3. Any lower than 1.8 may not be cold enough. Any colder than 3 may be too cold for "most" people (for the most Tatung minifridges). A setting of 6 or 7 can freeze your food.

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