How Do You Get Passed an Error about an Environment Variable When Installing etcd on Linux?

Problem scneario
According to, etcd is  "[a] distributed, reliable key-value store" to be used on  "a distributed system."  You are trying to install etcd, but you get an error about an environment variable and invalid syntax.  

For example, you try to run this script:

But you get this output:  

"2017-03-31 19:22:19.332257 I | flags: recognized and used environment variable ETCD_VERSION=2.2.0
2017-03-31 19:22:19.332385 C | etcdmain: invalid value "2.2.0" for ETCD_VERSION: strconv.ParseBool: parsing "2.2.0": invalid syntax"

What should you do to install etcd?

Reboot the server.  If the problem still happens, ask the systems administrator if you can eliminate the etcd_version environment variable from the server for the duration of the installation of etcd.

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