How Do You Get quota Commands to Return Current Data?

Problem scenario
You run a quota -au or quota -ag command to see the latest/up-to-date statistics. You see the number of blocks or inodes is discrepant with what is currently on your system for the user or group. You tried rebooting, but that did not help. How do you get the use blocks and used inodes to be updated with a quota command?

Possible Solution #1
Run a command like this:

sudo quotacheck -vug

If you think something is still misleading/inaccurate, have you enabled quotas? Can you run this next command?

sudo quotaon -ap

The above command lists if quotas have been enabled. The quotaon command is necessary to enable quotas -- the repquota command may show statistics that look promising, but no quotas could be enabled. Grace periods could be counting down or be completely expired.

quotaon -g /file/system # this will enable groups on the "/file/system" path.
quotaon -au # this will enable all users' quotas

Possible Solution #2
If the user has not created any files, the user may not appear in a "repquota" command. If the user can create some files, or you can create files and change the ownership to the user, that could allow the user to be seen in the output of a repquota command.

Are the files in the partition with the quota? If not, that could explain the potential inaccuracy you are seeing.

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