How Do You Get the ElasticSearch, LogStash or Kibana Service to Remain On?

Problem scenario
The elasticsearch, logstash or kibana services will start, but when you check the status, it does not remain on. It keeps stopping. You see the status as "failed."

Possible Solution #1
Add more memory or swap space to the system. If you need assistance with either of these, see this posting.

Possible Solution #2
Go to the logs directory for elasticsearch. One way to find it would be to run this:

sudo find / -name elasticsearch -type d

Then see if there is a logs directory. Another way would be to run this: sudo find / -name logs | grep elasticsearch

You will want to do a case insensitive search in log (like hs_err_pid6803.log) for the word "error". This may give you some clues.

Possible Solution #3
When you see the status with sudo systemctl status commands (followed by the respective service), look for the process line of output. It may look like this (e.g., for logstash):

/opt/logstash/bin/logstash -f /opt/logstash/config/logstash-simple.conf

With a leading sudo try to run that command. The output may tell you something.

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