How Do You Get the HDFS Web UI to Work?

Problem scenario
You want to get Hadoop's web UI to work.  You have access to the back-end of a Linux server.  How do you get the front-end of Hadoop (or hdfs) to work?

1.  Deploy Hadoop.  See this article if you need help with how to do it. 
2.   From the NameNode server in a multi-node deployment or from the single Hadoop server, run the script (use sudo find / -name to find it; use bash /path/to/ to run it).  
3.  If it is a single-node cluster, find the external IP address of the server with "curl".  If you have a multi-node Hadoop cluster, find the external IP address of the NameNode with "curl".
4.  Open a web browser from a workstation and go to http://<externalIPaddress>:50070
(The port could be different if you changed it from the default one.)

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