How Do You Get the Internet and/or NIC on Your Windows Workstation to Work?

Problem scenario
You rebooted your Windows laptop. You are not getting any network. The internet is unreachable. The NIC's lights are off. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Use WiFi. Completely bypass your network interface port.

Possible Solution #2
1. Reboot your computer.
2. Press Esc to enter the Startup Menu.
3. Go to F10 BIOS Setup.
4. When prompted "Log in as guest user?", choose "Yes".
5. Go to the Advanced tab at the top
6. Go down to "Boot Options"
7. Make sure the "PXE Internal IPV6 NIC Boot" option is checked.
8. Exit and save the changes when prompted.
9. Reboot.
(You may need to boot once to "Notebook Ethernet IPv6" in the timed splash screen "Express Boot Options" -- even if it is just for 5 seconds and there is no indication such a boot was successful; you just reboot after seeing the text message about "PXE Internal IPv6 Nic Boot" for five seconds.)

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