How Do You Get the Linux Command “lsns” to Work?

One of the following scenarios apply:

Problem scenario #1
You are trying to view namespaces on a Linux server. You run "lsns" but you get "lsns: command not found."

Problem scenario #2
You run this: sudo apt -y install util-linux

You see "util-linux is already the newest version (2.27.1-6ubuntu3.8)"

What should you do on a Debian derivative of Linux (e.g., Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.)?

Possible Solution #1
If you are using Ubuntu Linux 16.x or lower, it may be too old to be supported. util-linux 2.28 is needed. Based on these two links ( for Ubuntu 16.x and for Ubuntu 18.x), we think that you need a version of Ubuntu Linux higher than 16.x.

Possible Solution #2

sudo apt -y update
sudo apt -y install util-linux

If it still does not work, get the package you need from here:

sudo dpkg --print-architecture

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