How Do You Get the VNC Viewer Application to Show the Full Screen of the Linux Desktop That You Have Connected To?

Problem scenario
On Windows (e.g., 7 or 10) you have a VNC viewer application installed.  You are trying to use the VNC application to remotely connect to a Linux desktop.  You can connect to the Linux server (or computer or Raspberry Pi).  The problem is that the VNC viewer is not showing the full screen of the Linux desktop.  You know there is more to the screen horizontally and/or vertically.  You have changed various settings (including the size of the application), but you cannot view the entire desktop.  You have tried different sized monitors and different VNC configuration settings.  What do you do to see the entire desktop of the Linux machine?

This solution was made for Raspberry Pi 3.  But it may help you with other Linux distributions.  

1.  Go to the /boot/ directory. 
2.  Make a backup of config.txt. 
3.  Modify config.txt in two ways. Uncomment these two lines:


4.  Save the changes. 
5.  Reboot the Linux machine. 
6.  Now connect with VNC from the Windows workstation.

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