How Do You Get the Water to Spurt Out of a Water Flosser Immediately?

Problem scenario
You have a Water pick for your gums and teeth (also known as a water flosser, Waterpik, or an oral irrigator). It takes time for the pressure to become optimal when you turn it on. You want the pressure to be forceful and not take time once the water basin is full and the device is on. It used to work quickly; it would start spitting out water immediately. Now there is an initial delay. What should you do now?

Possible Solution
The button the nozzle-holding device is rubber. This button when activated or pushed in temporarily stops the water from coming out can become temporarily stuck after years of use. This type of button is not what turns on the electricity to the device; however recent models have changed this and the button on the irrigating nozzle turns on the electricity to the device. The root cause of the problem this temporary-stopping button (not the on-off switch) and exists in older models (as of 2021). If you can use your water flosser and never push the temporary button in, for example by pointing the nozzle into the sink, bending over and putting your mouth over the device without turning the nozzle up, you can get the nozzle in your mouth, use it, and never get water everywhere. This rubber button can take time for the water current to clear.

For the shortest amount of time using the device, forgo the convenient temporary stop-button, use only the on-off switch when you use the water flosser. You have to point the nozzle into the sink and be careful how you adjust the angle before it is in your mouth. You mouth can catch the water and you can use the water flosser quickly and efficiently.

Another solution would be to buy a new one. (If you want to read an article about flossing, see this posting.)

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