How Do You Get to the First Character in a Linux Command Prompt?

Problem scenario
You are trying to run very long, complex Linux commands.  There are many case-sensitive flag options and convoluted DNS names.  It takes time to hold the left arrow to go to the beginning of the command.  Sometimes you want to comment out a line with a "#" at the beginning of the line as you draft these Linux commands.

Use ctrl-a to get to the first character of the command.

Conversely you may want to get to the end of the line immediately.  Use ctrl-e to get to the last character of the command.

Remember that "#" (with no quotes) will comment out whatever is to the right of it.  Therefore you can draft commands like this:

#Let me try to draft something with different flag options.  I can always use Ctrl-A to get to the first line and Ctrl-E to the end of this long line before I press enter to run the command.

Ctrl-c will allow you to cancel out of a command without running it.

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