How Do You Get Your GPS to Get Traffic and Show Your Position Properly?

Problem scenario
Your GPS is not working properly.  The traffic updates and satellites for the maps are not working correctly.  What is wrong?

Possible solution #1
The cord should be unravelled.  They often are supposed to work as antennas.  Bundled up the cord may not work as an antenna.  Place as much of the cord along the dashboard as possible.  This way there is a clear path to the sky.

Possible solution #2
You are underground or in a tunnel.  You may have lost the signal that way.  When you get out of the tunnel, you may get the latest information again.

Possible solution #3
You have driven out of your GPS's map regions.  Many GPSes only have a subsection of the country.  You may need to change the maps on your device.  But this will take time and you will lose some regions of the maps that you had.  To overcome a restriction of space on your GPS, you may want to buy a micro SSD card to insert into your GPS to get more maps saved on your device.  In the long run you can save time this way.

Possible solution #4
Purchase a new GPS here.

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