How Do You Get Your Smart Phone’s Flashlight to Work?

Problem scenario
You need illumination to see in a dark room (e.g., a data center or behind a server in a server room).  How do you get your smart phone to illuminate its flashlight?

It depends what type of phone you have.  See the bullet below that corresponds with the type of phone you have.

  • For an iPhone, see this website.
  • For an Android smart phone:

           1.  Drag the top bar down until you see different options such as "Bluetooth", "Wi-Fi", and "Airplane mode".
           2.  Toggle the option for "Flashlight".
           3.  If that does not work, see this external link.  If you want a new Android phone, click here.

  • For a BlackBerry:

           1.  Press the BlackBerry icon button.  It will look like this:

(Courtesy of

2.  Click the option for "Flashlight".

            If you want a new BlackBerry, click here.

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