How Do You Install Angular 5 on Any Type of Linux?

Problem scenario
You want to install Angular on Linux.  You want steps to install on any Linux distribution including CentOS/RedHat/Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, and SUSE.  What should you do?

1. Install npm and node.  If you need directions see this posting.

2.  Run this command (and be prepared to wait for 60 minutes or more):  sudo npm install -g @angular/cli

3.  Test your installation with this command:  ng -v

# An external website confirms that despite not

seeing "Angular: 5.x", you can still have Angular 5 installed.

The output of ng -v may look like this:

Angular CLI: 1.6.7
Node: 9.5.0
OS: linux x64

4.  The rest of these steps are optional.  They help you create a new project to test out Angular 5.  Run this command: mkdir -p wamp64/www

5.  Run this command:  ng new contintdemo  # Change "contintdemo" to whatever name you wish in steps 5 and 6.

6.  Run this command:  cd contintdemo

7.  Run this command:  ng serve --open

8.  Create a duplicate terminal.    

9.  From the duplicate terminal, run this:  curl

If you want to learn more about AngularJS and Node, see this external site.

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