How Do You Install Apache Avro?

Problem scenario
You have a Linux server (a Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat/Fedora or SUSE distribution).  You want to install Apache Avro.  What do you do?

These directions work for any type of Linux.

#1  Do one of the following (either option A or option B).

Option A
Find the latest download from here and download it.

Option B
cd /tmp
curl > avro-src-1.8.2.tar.gz

2.  Move the file to /usr/bin/.  Run a command like this: sudo mv avro-src-1.8.2.tar.gz /usr/bin/

3.  Unpack the file.  Run a command like this:  sudo tar -xzvf avro-src-1.8.2.tar.gz

4.  If you have Python 2 use option C.  If you have Python 3, use option D.  To find your version of Python, use this:  python --version

Option C

find . -name
# change directories to the file with no "2" in a subdirectory.

Option D

find . -name
# change directories to the file with the "3" in a subdirectory.

5.  Install Avro by running these commands:

sudo python build
sudo python install

6.  Test it.  Run this command: python

# then from the Python >>> prompt, run this:

import avro

# There should be no error.

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