How do you install Jenkins on a RedHat Linux server without an Internet connection?

Problem Scenario 
(If you have an internet connection, see this posting.)  In trying to install the different .rpms (e.g., on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora) for Jenkins you get errors.

For example, here is one command you might try:
yum localinstall springframework-aop-3.2.15-3.fc24.noarch.rpm

This above command may result in an error like this:
"Requires: mvn(org.springframework:spring-beans) = 3.2.15.RELEASE ... Requires: mvn(org.springframework:spring-core) = 3.2.15.RELEASE"

Here is another command you might try: 
yum localinstall jenkins-instance-identity-1.4-5.fc24.noarch
You might see an error like this:
"Requires: mvn(org.bouncycastle:bcpkix-jdk15on)"

To summarize the problem there are numerous dependencies. Installing Jenkins piece-by-piece is tedious.  How do you install Jenkins without internet access?

Get an .rpm file from this link: 
One of the files will allow for offline (or standalone) installations.

If you need assistance installing plugins without internet access, see this posting.

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