How Do You Install Linux on an HP Laptop?

Problem scenario:  You cannot install Linux on your new HP laptop. It seems that no configuration will work.


  1. To create bootable media, see this link.  Just having an .iso on a USB stick or CD ROM is not enough.
  2. To boot the laptop to a USB stick or DVD, use this link
  3. In the BIOS, enable "Virtual Technology." 

Some people find that BIOS must have "Virtual Technology" enabled for Linux to be installed.  This is probably a good idea because hosted virtualization through KVM is very useful.  You may need to delete every partition that the Linux installer finds to properly install Linux.  Windows is usually pre-installed on HP laptops.  HP does not officially support Linux on most consumer laptops.  We installed Linux on an HP 15z laptop, and there were no problems. (We have not used this model of laptop, but you may be interested in it.) For learning more about Linux, having a laptop with its Linux can help tremendously because laptops are portable.

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