How Do You Install Puppet Master on a RedHat Linux Server (an AWS Instance)?

Problem scenario
You want to install Puppet Master on RHEL 7.x running in AWS.  You only have five minutes to complete this task.  How do you install Puppet Master immediately?

1.  Create in the /tmp directory.  It should have the following lines (stop before you get to step #2):

# Written by

yum -y install ntp
echo '
server' >> /etc/ntp.conf

systemctl start ntpd

yum -y update
rpm -ivh
# rpm -ivh
# To install a legacy version of Puppet (3.x), comment out the first rpm stanza and uncomment out the second.

yum -y install puppetserver
ln -s /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet /usr/bin/puppet

2. Run this command:  sudo bash /tmp/

3.  Verify it worked by running this command:  puppet -V

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