How Do You Install Pywinrm Without Pip and Without a Yum Repo?

Problem Scenario:  You have CentOS (or a RedHat derivative) and Python is installed.  You want to install pywinrm.  When using Python and Python packages you get this error "gaierror ... 'Temporary failure in name resolution'))."  How do you install pywinrm without pip and without a relevant yum repo?

Root cause:  It can be caused by excessive open connections.  A reboot could fix the problem.  

Solution:  Get the RPM file for pywinrm and its two dependencies.  To do this run these four commands if you have internet access on the Linux machine:




# If the links don't work, find other hosting providers at  If you do not have internet access, download the files to a workstation. Then transfer them to the Linux machine.

yum localinstall python*rpm

# If you prefer, use "rpm -ivh python*rpm"

If you do not have pip installed, have no direct connection to the Internet and no yum repo configured, this solution will still work.

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