How Do You Install Sqoop?

Problem scenario
You have Hadoop installed on a Linux machine. You want to install Apache Sqoop. What do you do?

Verify one of these commands work:
hadoop dfs -ls
hdfs dfs ls
# If you need assistance installing Hadoop, see this posting.

Download the installation media here:

There are other sources. Here is one example of the commands necessary to install Sqoop:

cd /tmp/
curl http://sourceFromAbove/sqoop-1.99.7-bin-hadoop200.tar.gz > /tmp/sqoop-1.99.7-bin-hadoop200.tar.gz
sudo -xzvf sqoop-1.99.7-bin-hadoop200.tar.gz
mv sqoop-1.99.7-bin-hadoop200 /usr/lib/sqoop
cd /usr/lib/sqoop

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