How Do You Install StackStorm?

Problem scenario
You want to try this automation tool called Stack Storm. How do you install it on Linux?


  • We recommend a server with four CPUs. The load on a server with one CPU can be above 20 when trying to install it -- if it is possible to install it correctly on a server with one CPU.
  • Your Linux server must be either a Debian (e.g., Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Linux Mint) derivative or a Red Hat (e.g., RHEL, Fedora or CentOS) derivative. SUSE will not work with this solution below.
  • You must also have access to the internet from your Linux server.
  • You have a server that has not had StackStorm installed on it, and the installation of StackStorm has not been attempted on the server either.

Run this command (but change "contintuser" to the username of your choice and change "Gre@tP@$$w0rd" to the password of your choice):

curl -sSL | bash -s -- --user=contintuser --password='Gre@tP@$$w0rd'

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