How Do You Install The aws-iam-authenticator?

Problem scenario
You want to manage Kubernetes (e.g., Amazon EKS) via a server in AWS.  You want to install the aws-iam-authenticator on a Linux server.  How do you do this?

1.  To install aws-iam-authenticator go here to obtain the link that is relevant for your server.  You will search the above link for "aws-iam-authenticator binary from Amazon S3"

2.  If you are using Linux, run these commands to download, install and configure aws-iam-authenticator:

curl http://link/above > /tmp/aws-iam-authenticator
chmod +x /tmp/aws-iam-authenticator
mkdir $HOME/bin
cp /tmp/aws-iam-authenticator $HOME/bin/aws-iam-authenticator && export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
aws-iam-authenticator help  
# This tests the installation

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