How Do You Install the Putty Utility on a Linux Server?

Problem scenario
You want to run the puttygen command on a Linux server. (You tried yum and dnf commands to install putty, but they failed.) What do you do?


i. These directions assume you have installed the C compiler. If you need assistance, see How Do You Install a C Compiler on Linux?
ii. These directions also assume you have the GTK library installed. For a CentOS/RHEL/Fedora server, run this: sudo yum -y install gtk2-devel.
iii. This assumes that make is installed. If you need assistance see How Do You Install the make Utility on Any Type of Linux?

Run this script:

curl -L$version.tar.gz > /tmp/putty-$version.tar.gz
cp /tmp/putty-$version.tar.gz /bin/
cd /bin
tar -zxvf putty-$version.tar.gz
cd putty-$version
make install
echo ""
echo "Script is complete. Below will check the version for default CentOS/RHEL/Fedora installations…"
echo ""
/usr/local/bin/puttygen --version

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