How Do You Know if You Have Helm Installed and what Version You Are Using?

Problem scenario
You want to use Helm to manage Kubernetes applications. Helm helps you with packages for changes to Kubernetes (in ways that are similar to yum or apt). Helm uses what are call Charts (.yaml files) that enable you to do more with Kubernetes with less trouble. Helm consists of these two things: a CLI tool and a server component that runs as a pod in a Kubernetes cluster (page 531 of Kubernetes in Action by Luksa).

You are not sure if Helm has been installed. If it has, you want to know the version. How do you know if you have Helm installed and what version you are using?

Run this: helm version

If you find what version is installed, you know it has been installed. If you get command not found, try this: sudo find / -name helm -type f
(If you do not find anything, it has not been installed. To install Helm, see this posting.)

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