How Do You Prepare for a Job Interview as a Software Engineer?

How do you prepare for a job interview as a software engineer?

You may want to go to these pages:

Buy books on technical aspects of coding or one that is geared toward technical questions that may be asked. Here are some options:

To learn about programming in general, see this site or this page.

To prepare for a Java, Python, C, C++ technical interview, see this site.

To find a book on these subjects, click the appropriate link: C#, Hadoop, and RESTful APIs

It is not free, but you may want to try

Not only is coding in an interview different from coding for a business over the course of several months, the years of experience a person has may not be a factor in how efficient/productive an employee is. The Mythical Man-Month (on page 30) cites a 1960s study that found that there was no correlation between work performance and years of experience in a programmer. Given the age discrimination that some older job seekers have felt in I.T., this idea that years of experience is irrelevant to true productivity may be true in the modern world of programming. Be encouraged whatever age you are; the environment (or the idiosyncrasies of the employer) and situation of the position may be the main factor for your success.

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