How Do You Remove the Battery Cover of a Nokia Cell Phone?

Problem scenario
You want to remove the battery from your Nokia flip phone. There is a hinge, and the phone closes as normal like a clamshell. But you need to restart the phone (e.g., and it will not shut off). How do you remove the battery from a Nokia phone?

While the phone back cover may seem hard to come off, it appears to have a door for the battery cover:

The rounded corners of the line appears to be a seam between two separate components of the back cover. There is only one-piece to the back cover (not a frame with a small door, but one-whole back cover). This is what it looks like when it is off:

Be aware that the whole back cover of a phone like this (a Nokia 2760 Flip) is one piece. By putting your fingernails between the front and back covers, you may have a better chance at removing the back cover and removing the battery of the phone.

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