How Do You Set the S3 Policy to Archive after 60 Days?

Problem scenario
You want items in an S3 bucket to be archived automatically after they are 60 days old. What do you do?

1. Log into the AWS console.
2. Click on your S3 bucket.
3. Click on the "Management" tab on the right.
4. Click on "Add lifecycle rule"
5. Give the rule a name. Click "Next."
6. Check the box for "Current version" or "Previous versions." Then below the "For current version of objects" click "+ Add transition"
7. Choose the transition policy you want (e.g., "Transition to Amazon Glacier after").
8. For the "Days after object creation" type 60. Click Next.
9. For configure expiration, just click "Next."
10. On the Review page, click "Save."

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