How do you troubleshoot a CM tool doing an unattended installation on Windows Server 2012?

Problem scenario:  Using a CM tool, you transfer a PowerShell script to do an unattended installation on Windows Server 2012.  The CM tool transfers the media and the PowerShell script and launches the script once transferred. However, when you log into the Windows Server, you do not see the application installed.  When you manually run the PowerShell script and transfer the media over, there is no problem.  You want the CM tool to do the installation (transfer of media and execution of the PowerShell script).

Solution:  The CM tool is actually working.  If you manually log into the Windows Server for the first time after the installation happens, when you go to the Windows button, you will not see "x new apps installed" on the first menu.  This is visible only if you have logged into the server one time.  In a world where orchestration and automation are the new norm, we have to remember that software can be deployed to new servers without a human logging in.  Certain messages will not occur in these scenarios.  Go to the Control Panel -> Uninstall a program to verify that the software was in fact installed.  Also, be sure that the execution context of the Windows Server supports running a PowerShell script (unrestricted or remotesigned).

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