How Do You Troubleshoot a Computer Camera That Is Not Rendering Images?

Problem scenario
The built-in camera of your laptop or desktop is not working. What should you do?

Possible Solutions

  1. Did you slide the cover open on the camera lense?
  2. Is your laptop connected to a KVM or other monitor? Could this KVM or other monitor have a camera of its own with a cover on the camera? Maybe there are two cameras and you do not realize it. If you are in a new desk or using new hardware, there may be an extra camera you do not know about.
  3. Are there many wires connected to your computer? Are they connected to something else and not the camera?
  4. Can you try rebooting?

These links may also help:

For a Windows computer, you may want to try these:

For a Mac, you may want to try these:

For a Linux system with a USB-connected camera, see this.

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