How Do You Troubleshoot a “File Not Found” Message?

Problem scenario
You run a command, but you get a message like "filenotfounderror", "file or directory does not exist" or something similar. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1 (assuming that the file exists)
Do either i. or ii.
i.a. Find the original file with a command like this: sudo find / -name foobar
i.b. Create a symbolic link or a hard link to the file.

ii. Does the user have access to enter and read the file in the desired directory? You may need to change the permissions or have a different user run the command.

Possible Solution #2 (assuming that the file does not exist)
Create the file (and if necessary the directory path) with nothing in it. This may get you further into the process.

Possible Solution #3 (only applies if you are using Windows)
Are the file path and/or file name very long? You may need to change the directory where things are installed or rename folders. For more details, see this Stackoverflow posting.

Possible Solution #4
See these postings:

Possible Solution #5
See this external website:

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