How Do You Troubleshoot a GitLab Webhook Failing Because of “Execution expired”?

Problem scenario
You try to test an Integration, specifically a Webhook, in GitLab.  The URL is for Jenkins.  You get "Execution expired."  What could be wrong?

Possible solution #1
See if the GitLab's IP address or hostname changed.  If the external_url stanza in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb uses an old IP address or FQDN, then that may need to be updated.  You may need to run "sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure" again.  Then you may want to reboot your server.

Possible solution #2
Is there a firewall blocking connectivity over port 8080 (or whichever port your Jenkins server listens on)?

Possible solution #3
To find out more, go to the webhook job, click on "Edit."  At the lower portion of the screen you may find more about the job.

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