How Do You Troubleshoot a Web UI Problem with GitLab?

Problem scenario
When you are using GitLab, you receive various 500 errors. The web UI is not working correctly. What should you do?

Possible solution #1
1. Go to the back-end of the GitLab server. Run this: sudo gitlab-ctl tail
2. Reproduce the web UI problems that you are having. Examine the output.

Possible solution #2
You may want to install Fiddler on your desktop to get more details about the front-end. Once installed you can open it and try to reproduce the 500 error. Watch what Fiddler displays when you reproduce the problem.

Possible solution #3
Reboot the GitLab server from the back-end.

Possible solution #4
See if there is a firewall on your GitLab server causing a problem. See this posting if you need help determining if there is a firewall on the Linux server.

Possible solution #5
Start over. Use this posting if you need assistance: How Do You Upload Code to a GitLab Project from a Server That Does Not Have a Desktop UI?

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