How Do You Troubleshoot Azure Template Files?

Problem scenario
You are having problems with your ARM templates (the .json files).  You want to learn more techniques at troubleshoot ARM templates. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1   Follow these directions on Microsoft's website.
(You will need to download a .psm1 file and use the import-module command in PowerShell.)

Possible Solution #2
Clone this Git repo and use it to validate your ARM templates:

Possible Solution #3
Substitute any very sensitive data from the JSON with dummy (fake or random) data.  (Although you can probably trust  Copy what remains and validate the JSON itself with this site.

Possible Solution #4
Try this part of Azure:

Possible Solution #5
Are you using the latest version of the Azure CLI?  You may want to upgrade it.

Possible Solution #6
This page on Microsoft's website has a list of common errors and information to help you fix the problem.

Possible Solution #7
To learn about the formatting fundamentals you can read this Microsoft web page.

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