How Do You Troubleshoot Connecting to a Docker Registry when You Receive an Error Response from a Daemon about an “i/o timeout”?

Problem scenario
You run a command like this: docker login docker.artifactory

You receive a message like this:
"Error response from daemon: Get https://docker.artifactory:80/v1/users/: dial tcp x.x.x.x:443: i/o timeout"

What should you do?

Make sure there is no firewall or security group blocking connectivity from the client reaching the Docker registry.  Even if you are running the "docker registry" command from the back-end of the Docker registry server itself, this error can happen if the server is in a security group that does not allow connectivity to itself.  Can you ping Docker registry server?  Does the hostname resolve properly?  Once you can ping it, then the problem should not happen.

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